What is Seu Teck Sean Tong?

To cultivate one self is to cultivate the mind, body and conduct.
To have virtue is to cultivate one's moral character.
To be virtuous is to be charitable and merciful.

According to Grandmaster Song Da Feng, to be virtuous one must cultivate one’s morality and conduct. One must also have kindness, compassion and right mindfulness to handle every affair. Besides that, one must have an open mind, the correct moral values and good personal integrity. Therefore, under the guidance of the Grandmaster, followers performed charity deeds such as medicine consultation, disaster relief, funeral aid, poor and elderly care and collecting donations to be given to other charity organization. Currently there are 6 Seu Teck Sean Tong temple branches in Singapore and one in China. It is our hope that all the temples can collaborate to spread the divine teachings of the Great Song Da Feng.


  • 马 六 甲 修 德 善 堂 儿 童 经 文 班

  • 大 扫 除 – 除 旧 迎 新- 庆 祖 师 诞

  • 丁 酉 年 十 月 十 五 日 宋 大 峰 祖 师 圣 诞 日 及 道 济 佛 祖 圣 诞 日

  • 丁 酉 年 正 月 十 五 元 宵 佳 节

  • 丁 酉 年 庆 除 夕 暨 弥 勒 佛 圣 诞 日

  • 祖 迎 新 日

  • 冬 至 祭 祖

  • 平 安 素 宴

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