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About Us

Modern History

On 1950, trustee Mr Wu Fang He respectfully invite Grandmaster Song Da Feng from the main temple at Singapore to be enshrined at Melaka Baru, 65, Zhang Yun’s private residence. 
Over two years, as more and more worshipers pay their respects, the altar is moved to 169, Happy Street. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman was served by Wen Hu Gan and Qiu Shu Shen respectively. Fong He and Huang Jui Seng served as Deputy General, Tsi Hung Yan served as the Treasurer and Lee Bi Song served as the Deputy Auditor. The main hall in Singapore mandated the Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong temple branch to make sure Master Song’s statue arrive safely at the Melaka branch. On 1956, the Melaka branch of Seu Teck Sean Tong temple is officially established.
The staff of the temple gathered opposite of a market in the centre of Melaka to pray for peace and prosperity. This event gained praises and support from all walks of life. The following year, when the land deed of the temple was about to expire, an application was submitted to the then British colonial rulers to extend the deed. It was approved. The temple then was reconstructed from its shabby state. 
Among the charity deeds done by the temple are free clinical service, funeral aid, ad disaster aid. These deeds gain a lot of favorable criticism. Due to the rapid growth of the temple, the temple needs to be relocated. In 1979, a land was purchased in 1983 and headed by the then Chairman Mr Fong Chee Hiong, a group of committee started the construction of the temple.
At the same time, a fund is raised to help build the temple. Fortunately, help from Singapore’s Seu Teck Sean Tong temple branch, cooperation among the board members and help from prominent personage ensured everything when smoothly.
At a cost of a million, and 1200 square foot of land, the temple now stand magnificently with glazed roof tiles, dragon pillars and stone lions. With the construction of the new temple, it is hoped that it may help anyone who needs it. 

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